A Personal Experience with Muscle Relaxants

Recently I had a family member experience a very serious health issue. I’m leaving out personal details of my family member for their medical privacy.

Their serious medical incident was followed by a few weeks of rehab. During rehab, my relative was experiencing serious calf cramping. The attending doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant. I know that muscle relaxants are generally not being used much any more due to the side effects. I wanted to do acupuncture on their calf, but the hospital/rehab staff would not allow me to do it. Tight and knotty muscles are one of my specialties. I could have released the tension in the calf with 3 or 4 needles in minutes.

I was shocked at how quickly the side effects of this muscle relaxant became apparent. My family member became disoriented, lost their short term memory and became quite child-like. 5 Minutes after my delivering some Sushi and detecting the strange mental state, I asked them who brought the Sushi and they said someone else who had been there earlier in the day. This 12 hour period was quite disturbing to all who saw it and quite frustrating to me. Frankly, we did not need another cause for alarm after many weeks of serious experiences with this persons situation.

This experience clearly was in contrast to my “do as little as possible to solve a health problem”. Start with free or low cost treatments that have the lowest risk, then increase the seriousness and risk when there is no success.

A Personal Experience with Muscle Relaxants

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