The Reactive Approach to Maintaining Health

It seems to me that many people have developed or accepted an approach to health that can best be described as reactive. They wait until something develops and then address it.

In general, a reactive approach to solving problems seems more time efficient as no time needs to be spent on the problem until “if and when it appears”.

This approach to solving problems appears in many parts of life, such as careers, relationships, cars, devices, politics and more.

Unfortunately the downside of this approach is that the cost can be many times larger to solve the problem, and sometimes no solution is possible due to the damage done in waiting to detect the problem.

Certainly in health, trying to recover what was lost is at least much more difficult and agonizing both physically and emotionally. Typically, aggressive and expensive reactions to serious problem like surgery, strong drugs and other therapies used. At worst, the damage done to the body is irreversable.

In my experience, a proactive, maintenance approach to health is more long-term effective, less expensive and avoids the huge blow of “it’s too late”. Watch for an upcoming posting on living a proactive health approach life.

The Reactive Approach to Maintaining Health

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