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We are located in Sunset Plaza at 710 Easton Ave, Suite C, Somerset, NJ, close to the New Brunswick border. Please note: the entrance to the parking lot is on Bloomfield Ave.

Open Monday through Thursday, and Saturday

The first step to becoming an acupuncture patient at AbsoluteQi is a private consultation with Dr. Rhonda Hogan, DACM.

Your consultation is a medical case review and evaluation to make sure we understand all contributing factors to your issue and to determine if we can help you and what your treatment plan will entail. The consultation fee is $50.

Your actual acupuncture treatment cost is determined at the consultation based on the treatment plan that is designed specifically for you. We can provide you with a Good Faith Estimate indicating the cost(s) of the service(s) recommended.

Will your insurance cover your acupuncture treatments?

Every insurance policy is unique to the policy holder. A given insurance company negotiates different coverage amounts, deductibles, copays, what is covered, etc. with different employers.

AbsoluteQi is an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans and your plan may or may not cover acupuncture, your diagnosed condition and/or treatment.

If you have questions pertaining to your acupuncture insurance coverage, it is best you call your insurance carrier to get an understanding of your coverage, copays or coinsurance, deductible amounts, and yearly maximums, including if there is a limit to number of acupuncture treatments in a year.

You may call us and we will be happy to answer any questions we can, but understand that all plans are different and we may not know the specifics of your plan.

How we work

If you have acupuncture coverage, for your convenience, we will submit claims to your insurance provider for you. You will be responsible for payment at the time of service and we will make adjustments/reimbursements once the first Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is received.


Medicare is VERY restrictive in acupuncture coverage. It ONLY covers a limited number of treatments for chronic low back pain and must be performed in a medical doctor’s office in order to submit claims. Unfortunately, we can not submit to Medicare at this time, unless you have a Medicare Advantage Plan.

All Horizon BCBS Omnia Plans do NOT cover acupuncture.

But why can’t you just tell me the price?

Since we are a medical clinic (not a spa), we cannot diagnose your medical condition or provide acupuncture cost estimates over the phone or email as we will not know the specifics of your case.

The cost of your acupuncture treatment will be determined at your consultation and based on a medical case review of your condition and possible causes, duration, severity, medications, previous medical interventions, prognosis, and your treatment goals.

Any questions you have regarding your case or treatment plan or pricing will be answered during your private consultation.

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