Your First Visit

Your first visit will consist of a consultation and acupuncture treatment.  The consultation can last up to an hour discussing what brought you in for acupuncture and your health.  We will discuss everything from head to toe. Please be open and share everything, even if you think something is not related because in Oriental medicine it may be related.

Your acupuncturist may want to look at your tongue and feel your pulse, because this can tell us what is occurring internally.

After the consultation, your acupuncturist will explain your options of treatment to you, such as type of acupuncture that is best for your case and if any other treatments would enhance your outcome, such as herbs or cupping.  Dietary and lifestyle choices will also be discussed and suggestions may be made.

When the consultation is complete, you will receive a pain-free, relaxing acupuncture treatment.  Once the acupuncture treatment is administered, you are left to relax on the table for 30 minutes and then your acupuncturist will come back to remove the needles.  The whole process may take over 1 1/2 hours.  Follow-up visits will take about an hour.

You may receive some written or verbal recommendations regarding some exercises, supplements, herbs or lifestyle changes that will help you heal.

You will enjoy the treatment, most people love acupuncture and can’t wait to come again.

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