How Does Acupuncture Help with Pain ?

Dr. Rhonda Hogan DACM- Acupuncturist

We have all had tight, knotty muscles.

These muscles may produce a bit of pain where the tightness is located.

The less obvious impact this tightness causes is pull on or add tension to parts of our bodies that they influence causing pain, mis-alignment, constriction of blood flow or digestion and more.

Body parts like our necks, our shoulders our spine … joints, and sometimes our blood vessels, intestines, eyes, jaw and other parts of our bodies can all be impacted

Our bodies are a complex system of related and interconnected parts…. right?

Almost every time someone comes to me for a complaint, through touching their related muscles, I find a spot in a related muscle group that is on fire. For example, someone with pain in their elbow has an extremely sensitive spot in their forearm. I treat dozens of people for plantar fasciitis who have an extremely predictable (painful) spot in their same-leg calf that when I touch it, gives them substantial pain. This pattern repeats in almost all cases.

Try it yourself with your pain.

In acupuncture terminology, we call the complaint area “Referred pain”, the related muscle gone awry is a “trigger point”.

There is no magic holistic irrationality here, this is straight cause and effect.

Tight muscle pulls on joint, joint hurts. Relieve tension in the muscle, joint pain goes away.

Attacking pain is my specialty. I do it using the above approach with acupuncture, but two different methods.

I use both traditional acupuncture and a western method called trigger point acupuncture.

My Name is Rhonda Hogan, I’m a 20 year licensed, experienced Acupuncturist practicing in Somerset, NJ. Contact me to discuss your pain and possible treatment. I will never keep treating someone if their pain is not significantly reduced … 5 treatments is my typical stopping point if there is no progress.

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