What Does Acupuncture Treat?

In my practice, I see people for different things. The Largest group is pain, and typically pain that has lingered for a long time. The pain is often related to shoulders, backs, elbows, knees … parts of the body that move. There are also area that I treat that are more muscular in nature like when digestion is bad, I treat the stomach area for unnatural muscular tension. There are various other non-movement related areas I treat like The neck for Migraines, the jaw for TMJ, and much more. One thing I have observed is that many people don’t think their problem could be related to muscles when in reality the pain is caused by a related (but not direct) muscle. Of course stress is a cause of many ailments and acupuncture takes stress down a notch as well.

According to the World Health Organization, the National Institutes for Health, and clinical experience, Acupuncture is useful in the treatment of:

  • Chronic and Acute Pain – Injuries, headaches, neck and back pain, tendonitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia.
  • Neurological Disorders – Post-stroke recovery, Bell’s Palsy & Trigeminal Neuralgia, movement disorders.
  • Upper Respiratory Disorders – Asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, laryngitis, colds and flu.
  • Digestive Disorders – Irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, heartburn, food allergies, ulcers.
  • Urinary and Reproductive Disorders – Cystitis, menstrual cramps, irregular or heavy periods, infertility, menopausal symptoms.
  • Immune Function – Recurrent infections, supportive treatment for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients – helping with nausea, fatigue and pain.
  • Addictions – Addictions to nicotine, alcohol and drugs.
  • Eye and Ear Disorders – Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease.
  • Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Other Conditions – Contact me to find out if your condition that can be treated with Oriental Medicine.
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