Prospective Patients

We differentiate ourselves in several ways:

  • We partner with you rather than just treat you
  • Our facilities are designed and maintained to be warm, and healing
  • Our initial interview is deep and comprehensive
  • We offer both traditional acupuncture and a hands-on, more aggressive physical method known as Trigger Point Acupuncture

Services – We do both traditional acupuncture and the progressive Trigger Point Acupuncture – also known as dry needling. We also offer fertility┬átreatment including pre and post transfer treatments.

Many types of pain have a muscular component and we knot muscles and who to relieve ttheir unnaturally tension and knots.

We take insurance as an out of network provider. Check with your provider to verify acupuncture coverage for your plan. We submit your paperwork for you.

Location – We are conveniently located on Easton Avenue close to the New Brunswick Border

What We Treat – To generalize, pain that is not clearing or has not responded to other treatments. Chronic health issues: digestive, immune issues, neurological, etc.

Does it work ? – Yes. But not for everything. Acupuncture is great for pain caused by injuries, bad habits like posture and neck position, overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, but also digestive issues, hay fever, neuropathy and much more.

Western Description
Acupuncture uses points in the body that have an impact on the body … like pressure points in martial arts, but used in a healing way. Trigger Point Acupuncture (one of our specializations) goes even further to evoke an involuntary twitching response from your muscles that can be causing your pain.

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