Proactive health maintenance

In less than one hour per day, you can change your health profile around. The benefits are many:

Look Better
Feel Better
Have fewer health problems
Spend less money on health
Have more energy
Do more in life
Have fewer limitations
Have less pain.

One hour a day to do a few things differently and a few months to establish them, and get lifetime benefits.

Losing health is like a lost loved one, there is a deep anguish and longing for what you had before and no way to get it back.
You owe it to yourself to keep your health in the top condition and avoid that loss for as long as possible. Have you ever really thought about what it would be like to lose your sight, or painfree movement in one of your limbs? Unfortunately, in my acupuncture practice, I do see people every day with physical problems and it is heartwrenching. Often it is avoidable.

I’m a big proponent of lifestyle change to accomplish improved health.
The short term orientation of diet, weightloss pills, ab machines sold in infomercials, special supplements, energy drinks, and anything else that promises immediate results is often only a short term solution. Almost everyone who has tried any short term approach to health falls back into their old lifestyle and loses all of the benefits and sometimes incurs an additional loss (such as increased net weight a few months after a diet).
The only permanent solution is to change your lifestyle. Worry less about short term fixes and results, just change what you do every day and the benefits will accumulate.

It could take 6 months to feel real effects, but once you change the underlying cause, you change your equation.

Ok, so almost everyone knows that this is the simple truth, but like many other things, saying it is easy, its the doing that is hard.

In an upcoming posting, I will give some techniques that I have seen work that help people make permanent lifestyle change and make it stick.

I will olso outline a one hour per day schedule that will change everything around.

Proactive health maintenance

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