Broaden your thinking about Acupuncture

I guess because it’s not ingrained in our culture, people often come to me for acupuncture and have some success, only later to totally forget that acupuncture once helped them and it may be helpful for different ailments.

For examlpe, I recently treated a man for plantars fasciitis where it was hindering him from running (he was a competative runner). So in a few treatments he was back to running and happy.

6 months later, he calls me and meekly asks if Acupuncture can help his back? In speeking further, I find that his vback has been hurting for 4 months and also stopping him from running. In asking him why he did not call me 3.5 months ago, he indicated he did not think Acupuncture when he acquired his new problem.

To put the record straight, Acupuncture can help most muscular related problems. Many supposed serious pain problems are actually what we say are referred problems where close by muscules are causing sensations remotely. Often referred pain feels like a nerve sensation and I suspect thats where people think acupuncture can’t help them

Acupuncture cant directly help nerve issues, but th emajority of time, can help the problem causing the nerve sensation to exist,

Broaden your thinking about Acupuncture
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