Body Mechanics habit changes after acupuncture

I’m a big believer in solving the underlying problem of the pain. Not just treating the symptoms.

Many times, The resal problem someone has is something about their lifestyle. It could be diet, improper body mechanics, bad shoes, noi exercise or several more things.

The old saying “If you find yourself in a hole the first thing is to stop digging” definately applies to many of my patients.

Anyway, after I bring treat their pain, we usually discuss thei real problem. Neck pain is often posture, digestion problems is usually diet. We all know about weight problems.

For some mostly mysterious reason, the norm is to not wsant to address the underlying body mechananic or other lifestly problem, but instead treat the symptom. It’s a pillar of western medicine…. take a pill, don’t change what’s causing it.

Body Mechanics habit changes after acupuncture
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