Helping my daughter with the Blahs

We went to a relatives over the weekend. My daughter (she’s 6) was on this spinning board and had to use the restroom. When she stood up she was really dizzy … an unusual experience for her. She staggered a bit on the way to the bathroom. Not a big deal.

Anyway she started complaining of nausea and I was worried she might vomit. After settling down she was ok and we left the the 1.5 hour drive home. She slept in the car for a while and awoke complaining again.

When we got home, she was toast. She wanted to go to bed about 3 hours early and wanted her dad to carry her upstairs. He reported that she was zonked out. All of this was highly unusual.

I went to see her about 5 minutes later and asked if I could do some Acupressure on her. I worked tow acupuncture points, one on her wrist and one on her foot. and boing, she shot up out of bed and was fine for the next 3 hours and went to bed normally. I was taken back at the speed of the transformation.

Helping my daughter with the Blahs
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