One Key Benefit of Acupuncture – No Side effects

No Side effects

We have all seen the commercials… Drug X has nice images of happy people doing fun things.

At the end begins the long list of risks and side effects.

“Drug X should not be taken by pregnant women, if you have heart disease, if you suffer from kidney problems, consult your doctor first. ”

And on they go, sometimes amazingly long … they are paying serious money for these advertisements and spend 30 seconds on the side effects and risks.

Here’s my version of the end of an Acupuncture commercial.

“Acupuncture can be done by virtually anyone. The side effects are occasional light bruising and muscular soreness. You can receive treatment if you have ANY preexisting condition and there are NO known interactions. There are no long term effects.”

It seems to me that everyone should first try to resolve their issues using the minimal risk, minimal impact methods first and only later escalate to more serious measures once the simpler ones have been exhausted.

One Key Benefit of Acupuncture – No Side effects
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