Get Juiced!

Ok, you know about the benefits of eating your veggies. But what about drinking them? You’ve probably heard about juicing as a fad diet, but when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the right juice recipe can increase your energy and focus throughout the day. It’s also a great way to use all that produce that you bought three days ago and then didn’t have time to cut/chop/cook and now it’s on it’s last day in your fridge.

If you aren’t really a fan of vegetables, juicing can be an alternative to eating them, especially when combined with fruit. For example, if you don’t like spinach, but know how good it can be for you, try juicing some with a few apples, some lemon and a slice of ginger. Once you get to be a juicing pro, you can slowly wean out the fruit and concentrate on pure veggie juice, such as the popular “Mean Green” recipe:

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Juicer Cleaning Tips: If you have a juicer with a waste chute, line the container with a plastic bag, and simply dump the bag after each juice session. The clear produce bags from the grocery store are usually a perfect fit. You might also want to invest in a hard bristle scrub brush to clean the cutting/shredding disc some juicers come with their own cleaning brush.

Happy Juicing!

Get Juiced!

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