Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol

Fibromyalgia Treatment

This past weekend I was in San Antonio, Texas for an acupuncture seminar; I learned an amazing fibromyalgia treatment protocol.  The information presented was packed with fascinating, evidence based treatment strategies to enhance my current acupuncture practice.   Consequently, I am excited to implement the strategies I learned, because I can help the fibro population that suffers with pain, fatigue, digestive problems and poor sleep at a much deeper level.

Eight Overlapping Causes and Stages

Andrew Miles, DOM explained why fibro patients don’t get better with Western medicine treatments.  Sometimes patients will feel great for a short period of time, but they suddenly relapse or feel even worse than before the treatment. Evidently, this is because there are eight overlapping causes which are all not treated with Western medicine.  While, this does not happen with the eight stage protocol, because all causes are addressed.  He further explained the eight causes need to be treated in a particular order and then covered the eight stages.

The eight stage fibromyalgia treatment protocol is so much more than acupuncture.  In addition, it empowers you, the patient, to manage your own healing  or in conjunction with acupuncture.  It includes:

  • The Eight Stages and The Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol

    • The Eight Stages

      1. Immune Hypersensitivity
      2. Gut Dysbiosis
      3. Nitric Oxide Dysregulation Associated with Elevated Cortisol
      4. Prostaglandin Dysregulation and Platelet Adhesion Associated Chronic Inflammation and Pain (stabbing pain)
      5. Mitochondrial Myopathy
      6. Venous and arterial Insufficiency
      7. Due to Low DHEA’s or HPA-Thyroid Dysregulation
      8. Dysregulation of ACTH and Cortisol Associated with Lumbar Pain and Low Body Temperature

 Take the Fibro Quiz to learn what stage currently is predominate for you.

    • each stage of the Protocol includes:

      1. Evidence based Chinese herbal pharmacology
      2. Acupuncture
      3. Gasotransmittor breathing: influences nitric oxide and gasotransmittors in the body.
      4. Topical herbs: Herbal Foot soaks and CBD oil
      5. Lifestyle suggestions, such as saunas, massage, sleep hygiene

each stage may take 2 weeks, but can take more or less time.

Recommended protocols will be tailored to each patient.

Progress at your own pace depending on how much you do and how you respond.

Call now for more information and to get started on this Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol! 732-227-9991

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Learning the Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol from the Experts
Rhonda Hogan, L.Ac. with Fibromyalgia experts: Qiulan Xue, PhD.; Andrew Miles, DOM; Thomas Whelan, MD
Fibromyalgia Treatment Protocol
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