BC: Testimonial for Lower Back Pain – update

When BC left my office after his first treatment he was amazed that the acute spasms in his lower back muscles were gone.  At his second treatment he reported that for most of the week he had no pain.  He reiterated that he was a skeptic before his first treatment, but decided to try acupuncture after seeing Oprah’s show featuring Dr. Oz and acupuncture.  He searched acupuncture in NJ and found my office in Somerset, NJ and gave acupuncture a try.  He was so happy that he found me and wished that he had tried acupuncture years earlier.

So, after the first acupuncture treatment BC’s acute muscle spasms were gone and did not return for the week.  His chronic back pain felt much better and he only began to feel it pinching a little bit 1-2 days before his second treatment.  He was excited to see how he would respond to subsequent treatments.