BC: Testimonial for Lower Back Pain

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Hi Rhonda, 

I should call you my angel, I slept right through the night after a month of twisting and turning. I woke up and still do not feel the pain from the spasms in my lower back muscles.  I see myself walking faster, not worrying about if I move the wrong way. I told you I was a skeptic but that one treatment made me a believer and if I feel this way now I can only imagine what I’ll feel like after a couple of more treatments.  I have been living with back pain since 3 yrs after my surgery (10 years ago) but the last month was a killer.  I don’t know why I waited so long to do this, I should have done this years ago.  If anyone out there is in pain and thinking about it don’t just try it you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks Again,
BC (Name Omitted for Privacy)

I will update the blog after BC’s next treatment in a week. -Rhonda

BC: Testimonial for Lower Back Pain

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