The Mind-Body connection is visible in Acupuncture

I see it often.

People have a pain. It is often the neck or back.

I touch around and find a crazy-tight muscle or muscle group. The muscle is as tight as a guitar string, only bigger. I insert a needle and prob it to create an involuntary twitching and get the muscle to “release”. This is called trigger point acupuncture or dry needling.

The person becomes somber, serious and often cries a bit. Occasionally hard.

It’s not the pain from the needle … it’s the mind-body connection.

We talk. Typically the patient has experienced something traumatic, maybe the death of a loved one, maybe a broken relationship but usually something serious. Human nature often has us “carry” that pain in our bodies. After a while of existing the pain becomes the symbol of the circumstance and the two become bonded within the individual. It becomes the burden.

Then along comes me and I release the physical pain.

We have all experienced seeing someone becoming unburdened. It’s very rare and joyful to see.

I see it a few times a month.

The Mind-Body connection is visible in Acupuncture
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