Proactive Health

Doing things in your life to avoid health problems. Changing your lifestyle to build your health rather than to diminish it.

The benefit of approaching health proactively is you have less problems and overall the ones you have are less serious.

I once read a quote from a famous gardner who said “The best pesticide is a healthy plant”.
Bugs find it easier to burrow, nip and chew on weaker, softer plants. Like all creatures, they take the easy way out and sick plants are “easier”.

The analogy runs true for your health as well. Keeping fit, eating right, building your immune system, reducing stress and more are all deterrents to diesase.

Some specific areas where you can make a big difference:

Stress – Stress release chemicals into the body, these chemicals interact with your cells and a constant flood changes the biochemistry over time.

Stretching-A loose and limber body is more reslilent to soft tissue injuries like pulls strains, and rips. plus, you can often catch yourself in a potential fall if you are ablem to reach, step or stretch a but further.

Digestion- Most people realy don’t get the cause and effect of diet on digestion. What you eat going in changes significantly what comes out.

Exercise- A strong body works better, rests better moves faster and other things which all lead to a better healthier life.

So what is the downside?

It takes time to maintain your health and you have to move a bit away from maximizing your various pleasures and replace them with some things to boost your health.

Trade Candy for fruit, soda for seltzer, the couch for movement.

Proactive Health

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