Headache Relief and Acupuncture

For millions of people, headaches are more than a nuisance, theyre painful and debilitating. Popping a couple of aspirin may do the trick for some headache suffers. But acupuncture offers a drug-free alternative to alleviating the pain and the stress that causes many headaches in the first place.

Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture successfully treats headaches. The latest was conducted by German researchers. They tracked more than three thousand patients suffering from tension and migraine headaches. Patients who underwent acupuncture treatment reported a decline in the number of headaches. Those who resorted to traditional methods of headache relief, reported no changes.

Previous studies yielded similar results. One in 2002 found that 98% of headache sufferers noticed a drop-off after receiving acupuncture treatments. Another study in 1999 followed more than a thousand chronic headache sufferers. It revealed that most of them experienced various degrees of relief.

An experienced acupuncturist helps people determine what causes their headaches. Questions will be asked. Where does it hurt? Is the pain sharp or dull? Does darkness or light make a difference? The answers can help the acupuncturist design a treatment strategy that can ease your aching head.

Headache Relief and Acupuncture
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