Fish Oil

As my patients know, I am a big fish oil pusher.  Fish oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid, which we need for optimum health.  Most Americans are eating too many omega-6 fatty acids (vegetable oils), and not enough omega-3 fatty acids (oily fish, walnuts and freshly ground flaxseed).  This imbalance can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, inflammatory conditions, cancer and other health concerns.

Eating several servings of oily fish (wild Alaskan salmon and sardines) per week is a great start, but many people don’t like fish or are vegetarians.  You can take fish oil supplements in liquid or capsule forms instead of eating fish.  Fish oil helps reduce elevated blood pressure, is beneficial to the nervous system, can help treat mild to moderate depression, and more.

Look for fish oil that is certified free of contaminants, begin with small daily doses, and build up to the recommended amount.

Fish Oil

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