Fire Cider a Natural Cold and Flu Remedy

I was introduced to Fire Cider a couple of years ago, I tasted it and I was hooked, I loved the taste.  I just needed to see the benefits.

Fire Cider is taking raw apple cider vinegar, which already has many health benefits, and making it even better.  In the past, when I felt a bit under the weather or when one of my kids got sick, I would start doing things to boost my immune system, like miso soup with lots of garlic or taking raw apple cider vinegar, until I met Fire Cider.

Fire Cider is raw apple cider on steroids and now is the time to make it, in preparation for cold and flu season.  Basically, you take raw apple cider vinegar and mix in chopped roots and vegetables with immune boosting qualities, put them in a glass jar, store for 4 weeks and then strain the FIre Cider through a cheesecloth and store in the fridge.  Click here for the recipe that I use and love.

I now store Fire Cider in my fridge and take it when I think I may be coming down with something or when someone in my household is sick.  I have definitely noticed it’s effects and believe it has helps me fight off some colds!

Try it and let me know that you thing.

Fire Cider a Natural Cold and Flu Remedy
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