Early Skin Care

It happens to all of us.  One day we look in the mirror and there it is:  a wrinkle.  That little facial line may shock us at first because we fooled ourselves into thinking the aging process only applies to others.  It’s time to think again.

You’re never too young to do some simple things that will prevent your skin from looking old.  Children should be taught early on how to apply anti-toxic sun screen.  It’s a habit that should stay with them their entire lives.  As children approach their teen years, it’s a great idea to teach them about skin cleansers and moisturizers.  A dermatologist can advise kids and parents on their skin type and which products to use.

If you didn’t start to take care of your skin as a child, it’s not too late to do something now.  The proper moisturizers can still make a big difference if applied regularly.  Your diet can also contribute to healthier skin.   Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.  Anti-oxidants can reduce the skin damage caused by the normal biological process of oxidation.

Aging, of course, is part of the cycle of life.  We can postpone the toll aging takes on our skin, but not eliminate it.  Some people will turn to laser treatments or other techniques to battle the aging process.  However, the preventative approach, beginning at an early age, is the best way to keep your skin vibrant and healthy as the years go by.

Early Skin Care
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