Boost your memory … Exercise

Remembering to exercise could help you remember to do other things as well. It sounds confusing, but it may be true. Put simply, running, walking or other physical activity may improve your memory.

Researchers have long known that rigorous activity boosts cardio-vascular health and fights off depression. Now, a new study indicates good old fashion regular exercise enhances the brain function that controls memory. Australian researchers studied older people suffering from mild memory loss. The scientists kept track of the seniors as they exercised for an hour, three times a week. After six months, the memory of the seniors seemed to be improved.

Scientists say exercise aids memory and keeps the mind clear by increasing the flow of blood to the brain. Age-related memory loss begins around the age of 30, so younger people can benefit just as much as older folks. Tests on people in their 20’s and 30’s showed marked improvement in their memories after three months of regular aerobic exercise. Many of those tested used treadmills and rode stationary bikes.

Improving your memory doesn’t necessarily mean regular visits to a gym. Brisk walks through your neighborhood three or four times a week should do the trick. Who knows, when you return from a walk one morning, you just might remember where you put those missing car keys!

Boost your memory … Exercise
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