Acupuncture and Relaxation

Many people are hesitant to try acupuncture or wont at all because it involves needles.  I get that.  But these needles are so thin and don’t really hurt.  Once in a while there will be some sharpness but for most, it is just a pinch.

When I have new patients, the reaction after the first needle insertion is that they don’t believe I put a needle in yet or they will say, “is that it?”  After the treatment is complete people are amazed at how little they felt and how RELAXING it felt to lay there with the needles.

I call it “Acuhigh”, it is hard to describe, but a very deep relaxation is experienced and patients look forward to having acupuncture.

Most patients fall asleep during treatment.  In fact, today, I treated a 17 year old male and I could not wake him up after the treatment.  Most people wake up when I lightly knock on the door and enter to get them up, but this time I just could not wake this patient up.

Acupuncture and Relaxation
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