No Needle Acupuncture

Rhonda Hogan - AcupuncturistForms of No Needle Acpuncture

Do you like the idea of acupuncture, but can’t face the needles?

I have a solution. Actually several.

Replace needles with electronic stimulation … an externally applied electronic pen or an e-stim machine with pads.

You will feel a gentle electrical shock where the pen touches you and often, along a line leading to another part of the device. I have some control of the area that will receive the mild current (Often along what acupuncturists call a meridan or along a muscle) and strategically place the parts to safely evoke maximum pain reducing results.

Choosing this solution, you still get the same diagnosis and insight, the same 19 years of experience hunting down the source of pain, I still touch-around looking for the source of your complaint and you still work with a licensed acupuncturist.

Just without needles.

The device is safe for two reasons. First the amount of energy the device is able to produce is small. It uses a 9 volt battery and is not plugged into the wall (where thousands of times more energy is available). And second, I understand electrical current flow and configure the treatment to apply electricity to the minimal treatment area.

Contact me if you want to learn more, talk about your condition or to schedule a visit.

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