Common Misconceptions of Acupuncture

#1 Needles are inserted into Nerves
This is the granddaddy of all issues and it totally false. Actually, Acupuncturists hope to avoid hitting nerves as they can be quite painful. Acupuncturists insert needles into muscles. Furthermore, nerves are quite small (much smaller than an acupuncture needle.)

#2 Acupuncture hurts
Traditional Chinese acupuncture generally does not hurt. The needles are approximately 1/3 the diameter of a syringe. The insertion is typically not felt by the patient. Occasionally some slight pain is felt but probably in 1 in 20 needles.

#3 Acupuncture is fake
Although some of the treatments in holistic medicine are definitely questionable, acupuncture has been studied by significant medical organizations and found to have measurable effects on the body, including increased blood flow and increased release of natural pain revilers. Few other fields in holistic medicine require both significant accredited study and involve licensing.

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