Wisdom Teeth and Stem Cells

Most people would rather be anywhere else than sitting in a dentists chair. Even if the visit is just for a check-up, its not the most pleasant of experiences. Now, some scientists believe a visit to the dentist could enhance stem cell research. It sounds like a non-sequitur, but Japanese researchers insist its true.

Scientists at a Japanese Institute say they used wisdom teeth pulled from a 10 year old girl to create stem cells. The researchers believe the cells will grow and develop into others. If theyre correct, scientists say they can make great strides in stem cell research without dealing with any ethical dilemmas.

It will take about five years for researchers to develop a practical use for the technique. If successful, they say people who have their wisdom teeth pulled in their youth, could use the stem cells later if life if they develop serious medical problems. It would be a major breakthrough, courtesy of wisdom teeth that otherwise would end up in the waste basket.