Acupuncture Treatment for Spinal Stenosis and Failed Low Back Surgery

I am back in Somerset at my office after a great seminar on acupuncture treatment for spinal stenosis and failed low back surgery.  The class was very good, the actual treatment techniques were very similar to what I use in my practice.  I found the comradery to be amazing with the group of acupuncturists there.  I learned a great deal about practice management.

My biggest take away was that I am not treating people suffering with spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and failed back surgery frequently enough and long enough.  They need more treatment for acupuncture to succeed.

Acupuncture Seminar on Spinal Stenosis

Next weekend I will be going to Orlando for an acupuncture seminar on treating spinal stenosis and other back problems.  I am very excited to see what will be taught and come back with refined skills for the treatment of lower back pain.

Lower back pain is the most commonly treated problem with acupuncture and it responds so well.  Spinal Stenosis is more complicated as well as disc herniation and any back problem with nerve involvement.