TMJ and Chinese Medicine

Most TMJ sufferers probably don’t know those three initials stand for Temporomandibular joint.  They may also not be aware that Traditional Chinese Medicine may successfully treat TMJ pain.

TMJ is a broad term that centers on inflammation to the joint that connects the jaw with the skull.  There are many causes, but they all have something in common.  They lead to pain and discomfort in the jaw, neck or shoulders in those who suffer from the dysfunction.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbs, can provide relief in many cases.  Before treatment, of course, it must be determined the pain is not caused by a tumor or another problem not associated with TMJ.  Once TMJ is confirmed, an acupuncturist can begin treating the problem.  The specific treatment will depend in large part on the cause of TMJ in each patient.

Chinese Herbs may also contribute to successful treatment of TMJ.  Again, the precise nature of the dysfunction should be understood before herbal treatments begin.  Some herbs will be more appropriate than others, depending on specific TMJ issues.  Together, however, herbal and acupuncture treatments supervised by a certified practitioner may help many sufferers get relief from TMJ pain.  In fact, most of the people that I have treated for TMJ, have had relief with just acupuncture.

TMJ and Chinese Medicine
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