tiny needles…BIG RESULTS!

There are a couple of reasons that people shy away from acupuncture.  One of them is the fear of needles.  The needles used in acupuncture are not hypodermic needles, in fact, they are thin little wires that you barely feel when inserted into your skin. Unlike syringes, they are slid metal and so thin they are very flexible.  In conversation with other acupuncturists, I have heard them refer to our needles as filaments and pins to try and take the fear out of people.

So what does it really feel like?  You will feel a little pinch, like a bug bite (less than a mosquito).  You may also feel a response that is not “needle pain” as I call it.  The sensations can vary from from aching, heaviness, warmth or a tingling sensation.  We call that the “Qi sensation“.

The needles are single use and covered with a protective plastic tube. The tube is pressed down on the skin, and a gentle tap at the top moves the needle through the tube and into the skin. My husband says he feels the tube more than the needle!.

tiny needles…BIG RESULTS!

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