The needle or the knife

Sometimes I’m amazed when people with whom I consult, seem to be more willing to have surgery than to try trigger point acupuncture.

I’m not quite sure of the logic, (I’m sure it’s more emotional than logical)

Here’s my argument:
You should always do as little manipulation of the body as possible to reduce your overall risk or trauma.

Surgery is way up there on the trauma scale and acupuncture is extremely safe.

Now acupuncture will not cure cancer, a faulty heart valve, or remove a growth, but I would not recommend acupuncture for those type of problems.

Instead, there are hundreds of movement-related problems, pain, digestive, body use and generally anything related to movement (voluntary or involuntary) that have at least a chance of being improved or cured using an extremely low intervention method … acupuncture.

In my book, everyone should try the simple first before moving on to more serious techniques.

The needle or the knife

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