The Biggest Loser

OK, so I have now watched 2 episodes and think the show is great because it should help motivate viewers to exercise.  At least I hope it motivates viewers because it is such an integral aspect for weight loss.  I have known too many people that diet all the time but just don’t exercise and don’t lose weight.

In my last entry about The Biggest Loser I mentioned that when I work with patients for weight loss, we work on lifestyle.  What I mean by that is exercise and food choices.  Diets are not the answer to losing weight, making permanent healthy changes to food choice and exercise is necessary.

What surprises me about the show so far is that it really focuses on the exercise, it appears that the contestants exercise all day long.  The show has not focused on what and how much the contestants are eating, except for the one challenge where they were tempted to eat all of the delicious fattening temptations they wanted in four minutes the night before the weight check, the team that ate the most calories won $5000.  That was interesting and the person that ate the most (only 3 ate anything) was one that lost more than most for week two.  Also, it is interesting that week two has much worse results than week one. �

The Biggest Loser

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