Straight Talk on Smoking

Whether you’re a smoker or not, you’ve heard the claims of those who offer cures to the tobacco habit.  Nicotine patches, nasal sprays and hypnosis are among the products and methods that compete for credit in the “quit smoking” industry.  My background and experience prove to me that acupuncture can play a crucial role in freeing smokers from the addiction of nicotine.

Let’s be clear, however.  The road to conquering the addiction must begin with voluntary steps taken by the addict.  A smoker’s wife can’t want him to quit more than he does.  A smoker’s husband can’t force her into an anti-smoking regimen and expect success.  It’s the smoker who must ultimately take the initiative to seek a solution to the addiction.  The smoker must want to quit more than his friends or loved ones want him to stop.
For those individuals, acupuncture can help beat the habit.  An acupuncturist provides a series of treatments that help relieve the craving for tobacco.  The treatment may also reduce the stress and anxiety smokers often experience as they transition from a lifestyle of lighting up to one that is smoke free. 
Even with successful acupuncture treatment, it’s wise for the individual to seek out support from others.  A support group of former smokers will offer advice and encouragement.  With the aid of an acupuncturist and others who care, the determined individual can reach the end of the smoking road and put tobacco in the rear view mirror.

Straight Talk on Smoking
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