Safe Sun Screen

 Most of us love spending time in the sun, even if we hate what those burning rays can do to our bodies.  Skin cancer is something we would all like to avoid.  That’s why sun safety requires us to wear sun screen during extended periods outside.

But there’s a catch.  Many sun screens contain toxic chemicals that studies show can cause cancer, the very disease we’re trying to avoid.  The primary chemical culprit is Octyl Methoxycinnamate (OMC).  If you follow the directions on the label, you could be spreading OMC all over your body every few hours.  In an effort to avoid cancer, you might end up putting yourself at risk. 

To be fair, another study shows the toxic chemical may not penetrate the skin deeply enough to be harmful.  Not all the evidence is in, but why take a chance?  I don’t like the odds, especially since there are alternatives.

The next time you buy sun screen, read the label carefully.  Some are free of toxic chemicals.  They protect you from the short term sunburn and the long term threat of cancer.  Choose a toxic-free sunscreen for yourself and your family.  You’ll be able to enjoy your fun in the sun now, knowing you won’t have to pay a big price later.

Safe Sun Screen
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