Common Uses for Acupuncture

What Can Acupuncture Treat ?

Acupuncture can treat pain, especially of musculo-skeletal origin, so dramatically.  Because of this, acupuncture is best know for its pain relief benefits and the number one complaint treated with acupuncture is lower back pain.   However, pain is not the only use of acupuncture.

According to the World Health Organization, the National Institutes for Health, and clinical experience, acupuncture is useful in the treatment of:

  • Chronic and Acute Pain– Injuries, headaches, neck and back pain, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis/arthrosis, bursitis, tendonitis.
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Sciatica
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Phantom pain
    • TMJ
    • Fractures – assisting in pain-control, edema, and enhancing healing process
    • Chest pain (negative medical work-up)
  • Sprains and contusions
  • Muscle spasms, tremors, tics, contractures.
  • Neurological Disorders– Post-stroke recovery, Bell’s Palsy & Trigeminal Neuralgia, Herpes Zoster, postherpetic, movement disorders, other.
  • Upper Respiratory Disorders– Asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore throat, laryngitis, colds and flu.
  • Digestive Disorders– Irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, heartburn, food allergies, ulcers even Chrohn’s disease can be helped.
  • Urinary and Reproductive Disorders– Cystitis, menstrual cramps, irregular or heavy periods, infertility, menopausal symptoms, urinary incontinence/retention, prostatitis.
  • Immune Function – Recurrent infections, supportive treatment for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients– helping with nausea, fatigue and pain.
  • Addictions– Addiction detoxification to nicotine, alcohol and drugs.
  • Eye and Ear Disorders– Tinnitus, Meniere’s disease.
  • Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia
  • Cardiovascular – idiopathic palpitations (unknown origin), sinus tachychardia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Other Conditions – Note: this list is not complete, contact AbsoluteQi to find out if your condition can be treated with Oriental Medicine.
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