Pregnant with swollen feet – new video

I just posted a new video of a treatment I did on a pregnant friend. She was in her 33rd week and her feet had swollen to the point where she could barely walk. She was miserable.

So I visited her at her home, and gave her a traditional chinese acupuncture treatment (TCM). TCM calls for a general needling approach in the area with some balancing needles in a few remote points and that’s what we did.
No trigger point is called for as this is not a muscular issue.

So I gave her two treatments and after the first one, she was much improved. Her ability to walk around the house, tend to her her other child and basically survive improved markedly. The second one made a smaller improvement but she was relieved of most of her suffering through the rest of her pregnancy.
here’s the link

Acupuncture on a Pregnant Woman with Swollen feet

Pregnant with swollen feet – new video

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