Possible effect of cocoa on diabetes

A cup of cocoa may be just what the doctor ordered for many diabetes patients. That may be a surprise to most people, but new research indicates cocoa and diabetes control may be a good fit.

Nothing is better than diet control and exercise, and will always recommend the most potentent, natural approaches first. Once the most important things are under control, then I look to other enhancers and this may be one.

German researchers say flavonol compounds found in cocoa improve the health and function of blood vessels. Damaged vessels lead to heart and circulatory problems in diabetes patients. When damaged vessels are restored, even partially, diabetes may be become less of a threat to a patient’s overall health.

In the German study, volunteers drank a cup of cocoa, with high levels of flavonols, three times a week. After a month, doctors found the damaged blood vessels in the patients had shown dramatic improvement.

According to researchers, the cocoa used in their study contained higher levels of flavonols than normally found in cocoa sold in the United States. However, combined with other flavonol-rich foods, such as certain vegetables and fruits, researchers say cocoa can contribute to better health for those coping with diabetes.

Possible effect of cocoa on diabetes
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