Permanent Improved health in one hour per day

The big thing is eating better.

Imaging a farm where the water supply is slightly imperfect… say acid rain. Any one rain will not do much damage as the following rain will dilute the acid rain remaining in the soil and so on.

However, when you have a situation where there is only a mild, but continuous acid rain, the plants eventually suffer.

That is what happen when you eat too much sugar (soda, candy, cereal, snacks, desserts), white flower (bread, pasta, snack foods) and so on.

Any one eating of these will have little effect on your overall health. Eating them all the time will accumulate in the form of excessive weight, circulation problems, etc.

The One Hour per day Plan:
4 things to do every day
Eat better 15 minutes
Exercise 30 Minutes
Stretch – 5 minutes
Destress 6 minutes

Ok that’s 56 minutes but there are transitions like putting your exercise clothing on.

So every day does not have to be exactly these proportions. One day you may exercise 45 minutes because you cooked 2 days of food yesterday. Cooking may take less time than you take now if you normally drive to a restaurant 10 minutes away.

Anyway, the 1 hour is a guideline, but the real point is to make a daily significant effort to “do time” on each of these items.

Perhaps the worst thing you could do to begin,is to go out, buy shoes, clothes, new cookware, books and everything right at the beginning. This too is a short term orientation and a symptom that you may fall back. You need to take a ‘rest of your life” attitude to this change as that is the only method that will permanently work.

Start today

Note that I am not providing any specifics. Most important is your attitude change and I want you to focus on that. Your main goal is to focus on changing your lifestyle to one of action and better eating.
Go for a walk in your current shoes, cook what you have in your fridge. Eat something natural in place of the the chips or soda. Make sure you keep in mind that your activities are your new lifestyle, The old one is gone. Watching TV for that hour, or chatting on the telephone, or reading fluff magazines are the victims of your new lifestyle. The benefits will come without doing anything else.

In 6 Months, you may suddenly have a realization that your energy is much better, your nagging pain is gone or other wonderful changes, all made through gentle and slow changes to your lifestyle.

Permanent Improved health in one hour per day

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