NJ Acupuncturist

New Jersey Acupuncturist

Rhonda Hogan is a licensed NJ Acupuncturist. For 17 years, Rhonda has practiced traditional Chinese medicine at the same location in the town of Somerset inĀ  Somerset County. She specializes in a fairly uncommon treatment technique known as Trigger Point Acupuncture. This style is also known as dry needling. Trigger Point acupuncture is an active style where unnaturally tight muscles are probed with acupuncture needles and evoke an involuntary twitching that relaxes the muscles. She is a NJ native, born in Metuchen and lives in Somerset County.

Rhonda’s Acupuncture clinic is in Somerset County, Central NJ on Easton Avenue in Somerset (08873).

Her services include TCM, Trigger point acupuncture (also known as Dry Needling), Chinese cupping therapy, burning herbs (moxibustion).

Her office is easy to reach from Rt. 287, Rt, 1, Rt 27 and the Turnpike. The clinic is about 1/2 mile from the Somerset/New Brunswick border and just over 1 mile from Rt. 287 exit 10.

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