Help prevent cancer with exercise

Countless scientists and doctors are devoting their lives to finding the cure for cancer. While great progress has been made in fighting many forms of the disease, the overall cure remains elusive. However, several studies show the risk of cancer can be dramatically reduced with regular exercise.

The latest research comes from Japan, where doctors followed nearly 80 thousand adults for up to ten years. The study found men and women who are physically active lowered their risks for pancreatic, colon, stomach and liver cancer. The researchers believe exercise may help prevent cancer by keeping body fat to a minimum. They also say exercise may lower cancer risks by stimulating the immune system.

The Japanese study follows on the heels of new research from Sweden. The Swedish doctors found that walking or cycling for 30 minutes a day reduced the chances of getting cancer. They also discovered exercise increased the survivor rate for people already fighting the disease.

The American Cancer Society has promoted exercise for years. But it cautions that short walks to and from your car and occasional stair climbing aren’t enough to prevent cancer. The ACS recommends 30 minutes of exercise at least five times a week to help you reduce your cancer risk. Of course, exercise won’t guarantee you’ll be cancer free. But it may well keep you from developing the disease, even as researchers search for its cure.

Help prevent cancer with exercise
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