Heel Pain in the Morning

Two patients in a row with plantar fasciitis today.  Both people expressed it as heel pain. The first one was on his 4th treatment. He reported he was 80-85% better and delighted he could walk without excruciating pain especially in the morning.  The 2nd patient was in for her second treatment and was pleasantly surprised to have some relief already.  I am hoping she will have the typical results I see in my practice.  People with plantar fasciitis are typically 80-85% better in the first 1-3 treatments. Most people get to 100% better in a short period of time.

Most people find it hard to believe that the source of their pain is usually in their calf. When I start treating them and start touching their calf, they usually try to correct me with “No it’s in the foot”. Such is the Acupuncturists life… lol.

My husband once had a temporary bout of PF and so did a co-worker of his. I showed him where the pain is located with my fingers. When pressing in, he experienced pain in his calf at the offending spot. My hubbie had a colleague at work who was also suffering so he showed that man the spot. When pressing on his spot, he too jumped a bit having not noticed this pain before. In case you are dying to know, the spot is about mid-calf towards the inside of the body. Press your finger in a massage like fashion and seek out the pain. The pain will be sharp. If you are experiencing heel pain, or have diagnosed plantars, you can produce some relief by massaging this spot. If you want to knock it out, come see me.

Here is an interesting study on the treatment of plantar fasciitis using acupuncture and herbal foot soaks: Acupuncture Plantar Fasciitis Relief Confirmed

Heel Pain in the Morning
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