Health changes occur slowly … for bad and good

Lifestyle caused problems take years to develop. Whether it’s eating too much, or unhealthily, lack of exercise, not dealing with deep, negative emotions, drinking or taking other drugs, all of these problems taks a long time to develop into life-threatning problems.

It’s unfortunate that a quick fix attitude has been developed within the typical western thinking. This leads people to undergo surgery, take medications and perform other: “Get it over fast” solutions. Like most things in life, there are trade-offs to be made, and I believe the tradeoff for a quick fix is unintended side effects, a lifetime of treatment and other undesired outcomes.

Acupuncture has taught me to be more of a “fix the problem at it’s cause” type of person. The cause is the habits that many times lead to the current problem. Yes, a person may now need open heart surgery and acupuncture will not help that. I believe that making changes to the subtle lifestyle habits that lead to problems is the least damaging way to impact health. These changes are small and can occur over time, and will have a more profound impact on your overall health that anything else that is under your control. Take a walk, replace candy with fruit, eat more vegetables, and so on. Do this in a way that is lifetime sustainable and over time, your health will change for the better and more importantly, stay improved without drugs, regular “push-back” visits to the doctor, and less scary medical interventions.

This approach too has it’s tradeoff, it does not show results for a long time. Perhaps the first thing people can consider for their health, is to change their time perspective.

But, every solution does have its tradeoffs, and so do

Health changes occur slowly … for bad and good

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