Health analogy

My husband did some gardening a few years ago. Like me, he is more inclined to stay away from pesticieds, and chemicals that are not absolutely needed. He did some research and experimentation with organic gardening. He did the compost pile, picked bugs off plants etc.

He did say one thing that really rang true to me when used in the context of health.

A well know gardening expert had emphisized that the best pesticide is a healthy plant.

Bugs like most creatures, look for the easy way. If a plant is weak from damage, or some disease it’s outer protective layer is softer making the bugs’ job easier. If the plant was damaged, then that’s the panecea for the bug.

It is also true that disease more easily effects those with pre-existing problems. For example, the Swine flu is seriously impacting (or worse) people with immune problems, obesity and other conditions that make them more succeptible to disease.

The message is clear, keeping yourself healthy is very high on the list of ways to optimize your health. It’s been my experience that many people think disease is something random, and unrelated to their activities. Although there is a random element in health, there is also a controllable one as well.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the best medicines… taken regularly it will greatly improve your quality of life, make you less likely to get sick, and increase your chances of a long life.

Health analogy

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