E-Stim Acupuncture

E-stim plus Acupuncture Alternative to Needles

We know you can’t stand the thought of needles. We hear it all the time. Imagine instead the twitch/twitch caused by an e-stim machine or tens unit working on your painful muscles. Then, imagine the electronic current from the machine flowing between 2 or more acupuncture points. Now imagine this without any needles but instead sticky pads. And finally, now imagine a controllable level of intensity working to relax those tight muscles.

Rhonda Hogan, Licensed Acupuncturist and E-stim Therapist

E-stim Acupuncturist - Rhonda Hogan
Hi, My name is Rhonda Hogan. I own an acupuncture clinic in Somerset, NJ. I’ve been here for 15 years and have treated thousands of patients for various aliments from pain, to infertility to digestion and allergies. I specialize in relieving pain caused by tight muscles. I use a few methods of doing so, but for those interested in needleless acupuncture, I use an e-stim or a tens unit.

Typical E-Stim Treatment

Using the experience I have gained from doing trigger point acupuncture of thousands of patients, we first discuss your pain. How did it likely develop (stress, accident etc)? How long it has persisted ? Most importantly, what impact the pain is having on your life. Next, I touch around areas likely to have really tight muscles. It’s these  muscles that are either the source of the pain, or, the cause of it. Sometimes pain in a joint is actually caused by a connected muscle … close but noticeably apart from your pain.

Using my knowledge of the body, muscles and the precise location of acupuncture points, I devise a treatment plan. I place the pads, determine the type of stimulation that will have the best impact on your pain  and turn on the machine at an imperceptible level.

Together, we slowly increase the intensity until you are getting the full amount of stimulation for which you feel comfortable. Then I leave you to relax in my quiet, clean treatment room alone with soothing spiritual music while the machine does its magic. After 20 or 30 minutes, I return, reduce the stimulation and remove the pads. I followup with a hands on  review of your offending muscle tension for a before and after. I document the results in your chart in case we need to modify your next treatment,  and you  are done.

Please contact me if you are looking for E-stim combined with acupuncture applied by a highly experienced, hands on acupuncturist.

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