After Your Treatment

What to expect after your treatment:

Acupuncture is very relaxing, you may be very relaxed and calm immediately following your treatment, Rhonda calls this “acu-high”.  Many people ask if it is OK to drive to and from acupuncture treatment.  The answer is a definate yes, but we do let people know to be aware of how relaxed they might be as they are driving home.

Some people may experience some muscle soreness – the type after a workout – for about a day after treatment, especially those that receive trigger point acupuncture.  You may experience some improvement from the first treatment which can be immediate or take a day or two, but it may take several treatments before you notice a change.

There are some positive side effects from acupuncture, which include increased energy, better sleep, and a better sense of well being.  I even had patient a report lower blood pressure that she failed to mention was a little high.

Occasionally, instead of increased energy, patients report they were very tired after a treatment and needed to go home and rest.  This usually happens on the first treatment and does not continue on subsequent visits.  If it does, you should report this to your acupuncturist, the treatment can be shortened for a few sessions so it does not wipe you out.

You should drink a lot of water to help flush out toxins that have been released from the treatment.  You should avoid things that are very stimulating to help get the most from your treatment, such as vigorous exercise and spicey food.

It is OK to pair acupuncture with other treatments such as massage and chiropractic.

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