Bicycling for Health

“It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.”  How often have we heard that cliché or a variation of it?  Ironically, while we can remember how to ride a bike, many of us forget it’s not just fun, it’s great exercise.  

Let’s say running or walking regularly just isn’t your thing.  Maybe you’ve tried going to a gym or using a personal trainer, but just can’t get into it.  Yet, you long to find something that gets your heart pumping and burns a few calories.  Bike riding could be just the activity you’re looking for to help keep you healthy.

Riding a bike three or four times a week can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.  Unlike other forms of exercise, bike riding doesn’t tax your joints and muscles.  Many longtime joggers, including President Bush, have turned to biking because running was too rough on their bodies.

It’s not about turning yourself into another Lance Armstrong.  The Tour de France is not your goal.  Your objective is to get or stay fit.  Biking for a half hour can burn 200-350 calories, depending on how rigorous you ride. 

Biking is also safe if you know the rules of the road.  Wear a helmet and regular shoes, not flip-flops.  Don’t forget to bring along a bottle of water.  With bike riding, you just may discover a great way to exercise and have a lot of fun along the way.

Clubs are a great way to get started, there are riders of ALL levels. Here’s a few clubs clost to me in Central NJ.  – Central Jersey Bike Club – The Western Jersey Wheelman – The Princeton Freewheelers – The Jersey Shore Touring Society

Bicycling for Health
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