What Makes the Best Acupuncturist?

Terms like “best” and worst typically exclude a discussion of the criteria one is using. One person may think the best is based on results, while another may think bedside manner is crucial. Still another may go by price. Here are some criteria to use in evaluating an acupuncturist.

How many years of hands-on experience does a practitioner have? Some may have a licensed but not practiced for some of that time. Others may manage a clinic but do limited treatments. Moreover, are they the type of person who observes their results and is constantly experimenting or, just someone who performs treatments?

Cross cultural communication is a slippery slope. Subtle word choice and body language often go misunderstood. Some practitioners rush to judgement and care little for your input.

Patient care

Knowledge of medical conditions

Besides knowing the acupuncture points and diagnosis, do they have a medical knowledge of disease, injuries and other medical conditions and their constraints on treatment?

Is the overall experience important to you? Do you care about privacy and solitude? How important is cleanliness?

Are they just business or are they interested in helping their patients? Do they have the time to listen to you and adjust based on your needs?

Pricing and insurance


Wait time

Your time is valuable. Is your time respected through actions?

Bedside manner

The impact on your health that Empathy and caring cannot be underestimated.

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