Alternative Milk choices

There is an abundance of reasons to drink milk substitutes- lactose intolerance and allergies affect a huge percentage of the population of the United States; dairy farming is harmful to the environment and can be cruel to the cows; growth hormones and other chemicals given to cows are transferred into their milk and can adversely affect people. Many who don’t like the watered down taste of skim milk simply want a less fatty alternative. Whatever the reason, more people each year are turning away from milk and looking for something to replace it.

To meet the growing demand for milk substitutes, the food industry has come up with an array of nutritious and tasty drinks. Be careful though- not all milk alternatives are created equal. Nutritional content of some milk alternatives is very low, and some are made from products that are so heavily genetically modified that they are no better than the worst cow milk. Without care, using a ‘healthy’ milk alternative can actually be detrimental to your health

Surprisingly, soy milk is high on the list of products to think twice about. By some estimates, up to 90% of today’s soy is genetically modified. Even worse, several chemicals in soy have been linked to increased risk of cancer, thyroid disease, and other major problems. This is not to say that soy milk should be avoided at all cost. Just be sure to read the label and be sure that your soy milk is 100% organic and right for your needs.

There are also a number of other milk alternatives. Experts recommend almond, oat, and hemp milk as excellent and delicious sources of nutrients. Another alternative is fortified organically produced skim milk, which has no fat, no harmful chemicals, and tons of vitamins and minerals. No matter what you choose to drink, it is a good idea to do some research first to make sure that it is low in sugar, high in nutrients, and cleanly produced. Also, be sure that the product you choose doesn’t have any allergens that might affect you- for example, oat milk contains wheat glutens. With a little care, though, you can find a great tasting milk alternative that will benefit you every time you drink it.

Alternative Milk choices

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