Acupuncture as a first line of defense for pain

Many people experience pain at some point in their lives, we hope the pain will come and go, but there are times when pain drives people to see their doctor.  Most often pain is not of a serious nature and does not need surgical intervention but pain can be intolerable enough that a treatment is desired to speed recovery.

Doctors may prescribe muscle relaxants, antiinflammatories, other medications (even antidepressants for fibromyalgia) or physical therapy.

As an acupuncturist I am biased and believe that acupuncture should often be the first line of defense for pain, especially when it is muscular in nature.  What I recommend when a person is in pain is that they see their doctor to make sure there is not a serious problem occuring, if the problem is muscular in nature, seek acupuncture treatment – you could be better in 1 treatment or at least more comfortable. 

Unfortunately, acupuncture is usually the last resort.  If more doctors were pro-acupuncture,  more people would experience the great benefits of acupuncture for pain.  If you have had a positive experience with acupuncture, please inform your doctor – it may just help the next patient…

Acupuncture as a first line of defense for pain

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