Acupuncture for Heel Pain

Acupuncture for Heel Pain

  • Are your first steps in the morning extremely painful in one or both of your heels?
  • Are you experiencing strong foot Pain esp. when walking?
  • Do you find yourself having to hold onto things to stabilize yourself ?
  • Does the heel pain pass with use only to reappear the following morning or after long periods off your feet ?
  • Are you worried about the long term outcome ?
  • Have you stopped exercising ?
Heel Pain and acupuncture

You probably have plantar fasciitis.

Your heel pain feels serious and debilitating. It hinders your movement and is quite painful. It stops you from doing things you love like sports, playing with kids, walking etc.

The good news is that this type of pain is not a serious medical condition. But you should have it confirmed by an MD.

Generally, planter fasciitis is treated by doctors in a cursory way… They tell you to use heat and massage, heel lifts, special socks etc. The sometimes suggest cortisone injections but most people get only temporary relief from the pain using these methods.
Rhonda Hogan - Acupuncturist
In my acupuncture practice, I have a very high success rate treating people with plantar fasciitis. You see, I use a muscular relief technique called trigger point acupuncture. Most acupuncturists do not do it. This technique finds unnaturally tight muscles and gets them to twitch relieving the tension and thus the pain. I give relief to almost everyone and cure about 90%. Five treatments is the average for my patients and for those who are not responding, I stop treatment.

“I wish I did not wait a year to try this. You cleared my pain where stretching, heel lifts and cortisone shots did not. Thank you so much !” – RK – Active Runner

Yes, acupuncture uses needles but so does injections and with injections, the needles are much bigger. Plus, the only side effect you will have with acupuncture is muscular soreness for a few days.

Many people have doubts about any eastern medicine. Acupuncture is licensed in New Jersey by the Board of Medical Examiners … the same group that certifies Medical Doctors. Acupuncture also requires 3 years of full time study in anatomy and physiology as well as the acupuncture concepts and techniques. No weekend “master” courses here.


My name is Rhonda Hogan, I’m a licensed Acupuncturist with 19 years of experience. Contact me to discuss your foot pain and what you can expect from a treatment perspective. My office is convenient to Rt 287 in Somerset, NJ.

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